About the Founders

Who are they? What is their background?

Two travel enthusiasts, Alissa and Raven, met at the University of Wisconsin-Madison during their part-time jobs as waitresses. Naturally, they became fast friends due to their common interests in exploring the world and entrepreneurship. Graduating with combined bachelor degrees in Economics and Retail & Consumer Behavior, they decided to put their passion for business to use and begin a start-up. In the Fall of 2021, they decided to launch their first company: Anchors Away.

Photo by Steve W on Pexels.com

Why Cabo?

They visited Cabo for the first time together in January 2021 and fell in love (I mean, who wouldn’t?). From the gorgeous views of the arch, to the vast array of day and nighttime activities, there were a ton of reasons to come back. On top of that, Alissa met her current partner on the trip and they have been together ever since. Needless to say, it was a no-brainer that they decided to base the company out of Cabo considering all of the great rewards it has reaped them thus far.

Photo by Efrain Alonso on Pexels.com

Why tourism?

As previously mentioned, business is their strong suit. So as much fun as it would have been to open a restaurant, the experience just wasn’t there. Because of combined lack of cooking skills, they decided to focus on what they know best: people, business, and tourism.

Being avid travelers and experiencing a variety of different tours – all ranging from horrible to super great – the Anchors Away team mastered the art of delivering quality to customers just as they would have liked to see it done for themselves. Since they did all the hard work of traveling around the world and taking tours for you (okay it wasn’t that hard, but they saved you a lot of time and money), they compiled all their favorite things and decided to bring them to you, so you can ensure the best of the best when you sail with our crew.

Photo by Peter Fazekas on Pexels.com

Why Anchors Away?

People go on vacation to let go of all the stress and pressure put on them by school, work, parenting (to name but a few), and take a few well-deserved days to themselves to relax. Anchors Away was derived on the notion of physically untethering that anchor that is holding one down, and letting them be free from all worries and stress in their current lives. And as long as you are sailing upon one of our vessels, we can ensure that you will feel free from all responsibilities for a few, cherish-able hours.

So, come sail with us . . . and see for yourself all we have to offer.

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